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WRIST DRIVEN: User must have a functional wrist and enough palm to push against the device to force the fingers closed when wrist is bent.

Files for Version 1 – This design was created by Jason Bryant, e-NABLE volunteer, researcher and teacher at Shandong University in China. His design is an amalgamation of the Raptor Reloaded hand and the Falcon V1 hand designed by Dr Adam Arabian from Seattle Pacific University. The Falcon V1 was the first e-NABLE 3D printed hand prototype to use orthodontic rubber bands as opposed to the elastic cords that current devices use.

Files for Version 2 + Assembly Guide

This is a remix of the original e-NABLE Phoenix hand by Jason Bryant with replacement components by John Diamond, Scott Darrow and Andreas Bastian. The changes from the original are as follows:

  • Gauntlet – Original fully 3D printed version replaced with a thermoformed equivalent (lighter, stronger, uses less filament, quicker to print and can be adjusted to better fit the forearm)
  • Gripper box components – Whippletree doesn’t require tying to the swivel pin using string. The printing support from the swivel pin should be cut/snipped/filed off before assembly. The thumb tensioner pin is shorter so it doesn’t need to protrude from the front of the gripper box.
  • Thermoformable palm mesh – An easier to assemble alternative to using Velcro in the palm. Can be thermoformed and adjusted to fit the recipient. Two alternative versions, thin/thick, are provided.
  • Palm with supports – The support structure uses less filament than the original and can be easily, safely and cleanly removed by hand usually without tools.
  • Demo bar – Used instead of the palm mesh if the hand is to be used for demonstration purposes. It allows a person with a full set of fingers and thumb to wear the hand and operate it.
  • Wrist pin – This pin has been shortened to allow it to be used with the thermoformed gauntlet.

Thermoforming the Phoenix hand v2 Gauntlet – By John Diamond

How a Whippletree works in an e-NABLE hand. –  By John Diamond

Phoenix Palm Support – By John Diamond

For information on this experimental design – please visit the Forums for access to the files and the threads related to this design and it’s continued improvements!

You can read more about this design here.